About This Journal

Hi, I am a Misfit, and this is my Blog. I call it my journal because its a place where I can write my thoughts and my most personal feelings. Yes, I guess I could use a notebook and call that my journal but I already did that and I lost the notebook. So I figure it would be harder to lose the internet.

I’m not special or exciting, so don’t expect me tearing it down in clubs and parting it up with my friends and getting into wild and crazy situations. I’m also not rich or have a whole lot of money, so therefore there will be no bragging on how hard life is when my limo is late or my cell takes forever to load a selfie on Instagram even though I have the fastest carrier.

I’m just another twenty-two year old trying to survive. Cliche I know. Everyone these days is just “another normal person.” But I am not the worlds normal type of person, I am my own normal. I am as normal as my life has made me.

And if you want to know what kind of normal that is, then Welcome to My Journal.